Anacostia River Plans

Below is information posted by Lydia DePillis from the City Paper. Information about the Anacostia River Plan: “A New Day for the Anacostia”- “A National Model for Urban Revitalization” by DC Appleseed 2011.  

D.C. Appleseed is out with a whopper of a document on the current conditions, remediation efforts, and recommendations for next steps on cleaning up the Anacostia River. Their main conclusions:

  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency should create a high-level department to coordinate federal, state and local cleanup efforts.
  • Local jurisdictions should create common stormwater management regulations across the entire watershed, which would require retrofitting roads and parking lots with permeable paving.
  • Private developers should be incentivized through federal tax breaks worth some $30 million per year to incorporate green infrastructure, as well as density bonuses for better-than-required stormwater retention.
  • The feds should match local dollars for river cleanup on a 2:1 basis, amounting to $35-40 million in grants yearly.
  • The EPA should use Superfund dollars to carry out an expedited remedial investigation/feasibility study–rather than use the “polluter pays” approach–in order to create an integrated cleanup plan

To read the Anacostia Clean Up & Revitalization Plans posted by the City Paper click here.

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