Popeye’s at 2301 Benning Road Update

Popeye’s at 2301 Benning Road Update.

I talked to the Popeye’s Franchisee. It was a number of reasons why Popeye’s closed.

1. Lease issues- the owner of 2301 Benning Road NE did not want Popeye’s to sign another 5 year lease. Month to month only. Popeye’s corporation does not allow its Franchisees to operate on a month to month lease.

2. The Popeye’s Franchisee was paying $8,000 per month for that location with the rent increasing every year. 

3. The building also has a lot of issues… The electric system plumbing system had ongoing problems.

4. The Popeye’s Franchisee stated that he put over $100,000 in that building and the owner would not help with repairs.

The Popeye’s Franchisee is looking for other locations in the area to transfer his license. One interesting point the Popeye’s Franchisee mention is that he purchased the territory area from Popeye’s on H Street NE to Popeye’s on East Capitol Street and Benning ; no other Popeye’s can come into this area.

So what is next for 2301 Benning Road? I have tried calling the owner of the location without success.

I am trying to stay on top of this issue.  If anyone has any questions, please call or email me!


Lisa White, ANC Commissioner SMD 7D01 Kingman Park

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