Information RE Spingarn Closing

File:SpingarnHS DC.jpg

Frozen Tropics has an excellent post on the proposed closing of Spingarn, and its effect on the proposed car barn (answer: there is no effect). The post is based largely on a Washington City Paper article.

As a parent in Kingman Park, my biggest take away is that my son would (if nothing changes in the next 14 years) no longer go to Spingarn, a tier 4 school in decline, but would instead likely go to Eastern High School, Dunbar, or Woodson High School.  On page 43 of the IFF Report, which was created at the Mayor’s request, it reads that “DCPS recently renovated and restructured Eastern High school and rebuilt Woodson High School. Higher performance is anticipated for both these Tier 4 schools.” As a parent, would I rather my son go to a failing school, or a school on the rise?

Spingarn’s closing would end an important chapter of the District’s history. It boasts countless illustrious alumni including: Closing Spingarn would be a difficult pill to swallow for the school’s many amazing and accomplished graduates. But if it’s a question of what’s best for the education of the District’s current children, the answer is not so simple.

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