Trolley Cars on Benning Road

Benning Road Extension

  • Segment connects Benning Rd Metro Station to Union Station
  • DDOT applied for a federal Urban Circulator Grant in 2010, but did not receive it
  • DDOT plans to begin study of line early summer 2011.

Key Strengths

  • Projected ridership of over 6,000 daily boardings or 3,000 daily boardings per mile
  • Located along a Great Street corridor and serves planning initiatives and redevelopment
  • Connection to Metrorail at two locations
  • Connects residential areas east of the Anacostia River to commercial centers and job opportunities west of the Anacostia River

Segment Termini 

  • RFK Stadium redevelopment area, Spingarn High School, Spingarn-Langston Recreation Center, and connects to H/Benning Streetcar
  • Benning Road Metrorail Station and adjacent commercial center


DC’s Transit Future System Plan 2010 Recommendation

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