Ward 6 Parking for Kingman Park Included in Redistricting Bill

As long as there are no further amendments to the bill, the 2011 redistricting bill allows Ward 6 parking for Kingman Park residents!

The hopefully Final Bill includes the following language:

Sec. 3.  Section 2411.3 of Title 18 of the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations
(18 DCMR § 2411.3) is amended to read as follows:
“2411.3  Each Ward of the District shall constitute a separate residential permit parking
zone; provided, that parking zone in census tract 79.03, (starting at the corner of Nineteenth
Street, N.E., and Benning Road, N.E., east along said Benning Road, N.E., to Oklahoma
Avenue, N.E.; thence in a southerly direction along said Oklahoma Avenue, N.E., to C Street,
N.E.; thence west along said C Street, N.E., to Nineteenth Street, N.E.; thence north along said
Nineteenth Street, N.E., to the point of beginning) shall be zoned as Ward 6.”.


4 thoughts on “Ward 6 Parking for Kingman Park Included in Redistricting Bill

  1. The language reads as if we will have Ward 6 parking not joint Ward 6 and Ward 7 parking. Is that true? Thank you.

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