Ward 7 Redistricting Meeting

Ward 7’s first redistricting task force meeting to determine ANCs and SMDs will be held tonight at Hillcrest Community Center at 6:30PM.  There are not many details about the meeting.   The meeting is open to the public, but it is not clear whether the task force will solicit public input at this meeting.

Councilmember Alexander recently tweeted “Most of my ANC Redistricting Task Force members have expressed that Kingman Park ANC should remain in 7.”  The Ward 6 redistricting task force seems to be leaning towards including 7D01 as an SMD within a Ward 6 ANC.  This decision will ultimately be made by the entire council.  The task forces provide input into that process.  Click here for more information on the Ward 6 redistricting task force.  The Ward 7 redistricting task force does not yet have a website.

Councilmember Alexander appointed both Lisa White and Bob Coomber from Kingman Park to participate on the Task Force.  It has not been publicized who else was appointed to the task force, but it is likely that many Ward 7 Commissioners will participate.