Final Ward 7 ANC Redistricting Task Force Report & Recommendations

In a report dated October 11, 2011, the Ward 7 ANC Redistricting Task Force laid out proposed boundaries for ANCs and SMDs in Ward 7.  ANC 7D01 remained largely unchanged, save one exception.  Whereas before ANC 7D01 only included the Northern half of RFK Stadium, while the Southern half was in a Ward 6 ANC, the new map includes all of RFK in ANC 7D01.

There will be a hearing on redistricting on November 29, 2011.  Anyone is able to testify if they would like to do so.  The Subcommittee on Redistricting will consider and vote on the reports and recommendations from all 8 Wards.  Next, the entire Council will do the same.

For the full Ward 7 redistricting task force report, click here:  Ward 7 ANC Redistricting Task Force Final Report & Recommendations.

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