Haunted Garden Meet and Greet Huge Success!


The Haunted Garden Meet and Greet Celebration extravaganza was a wonderful success. Over 20 neighborhood kids got more candy than they could possibly eat, and then jumped around in a moonbounce (not necessarily in that order) that was provided by Lisa White, our ANC.

Lisa’s hard work and dedication to everyone in the neighborhood has been unbelievably great. I could not imagine a better representative.

So many people contributed candy and time to help out, but special thanks go out to Herrin Hopper and Jalila Simmons who did a wonderful job with the decorations. Also thanks to gardener Christy Goodman for supplying scarecrow components including hay bails and old clothes, even though she could not be there for the event. Selfless efforts like Christy’s make the Garden possible. Also, big thanks to Mrs. Sandra Powell for bringing so much candy, and for leading the goody bag creation effort. Also also, thanks so much to Joe Vess and Emily Robinson, who let us use the outlet on their deck, which made the cd player and the moonbounce possible. And congrats to them on their engagement!

Finally, a note that though we invited every relevant councilmember and the Mayor to this event, and though many offices were responsive to our offer (especially the Mayor’s office), the only person who told us he would come to the event was at-large candidate David Grosso, who despite the pending hurricane was still going to come see us last Sunday, before I told his campaign manager that we were postponing.

Thanks again for everyone’s help!