Joel Elias Spingarn Senior High School Closing: The Green Wave recedes

Interesting article about the closing of Joel Elias Spingarn Senior High School and how its impact can be a lasting one for the children that attend the school. Please check out this link below.

Tonight, Joel Elias Spingarn Senior High School — alma mater of Elgin Baylor, Dave Bing, and many other less household-named stars — plays its last boys basketball game. Eyed as the location of a vocational training center, Spingarn will close as a general admission high school after the school year ends. The Post’s Roman Stubbs looks at the end of its six-decade run that will live in hoops history: “Wearing the Green Wave uniform was more than a high school experience for generation after generation of players; it was a chance to connect with playground legends, college all-Americans, first-round NBA draft picks, Hall of Famers, and two stars named among the NBA’s 50 Greatest Players.”


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