Summer’s Over, Now Let’s Get Back to Work…….

Kingman Park Community,

This summer was a great one! Kingman Park crime stats were low and life was good this summer.  Now that school has started and the community meetings will start again next month.

It is time to get back in gear. What type of changes, activities and events would you like to see in the community?  What can you do to make Kingman Park a better place?

Do your part to make the Kingman Park Community  atmosphere a little better. Get to know your neighbors. Smile at people. Wave your hand and say hello. Lend a helping hand. You can change things for the better in Kingman Park Community.

Getting Back in Gear to Work,

Lisa White, ANC Commissioner SMD 7D01 Kingman Park

2 thoughts on “Summer’s Over, Now Let’s Get Back to Work…….

  1. Hey Lisa,
    I’m working on creating a Facebook community page for the neighborhood where neighbors can come for information, post things of interest and stay connected. Check it out when you get a minute; search “Kingman Park”.
    -Stacey Barton

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