RFK Redevelopment Team Chosen

Events DC, the semi-governmental entity that controls a lease over the federal Park Service land that includes RFK and its parking lots and green spaces to the North, selected a team to create a plan to redevelop the site. DC Events has assured residents that their concerns will be considered when the plan is developed. It is not clear when the plan will actually be created. The return of the Redskins seems foremost on Events DC’s mind, as well as members of the DC City Council.

Some important dates to consider:

  • 2024 — DC is an American finalist for the 2024 Summer Olympic location, along with San Francisco, Boston, and Los Angeles.
  • 2026 — The Redskins’ lease on FedEx Field in Landover, MD expires in 2026, and there are likely serious financial consequences for breaking that lease early.

Both the Olympics and the Redskins’ return seem like long-shots, with Maryland (where the current stadium is located) and Virginia (the team’s practice facilities were just moved to Richmond) in competition with DC, which has less land for a stadium, a smaller tax base, and a strong distaste for publicly funded stadiums. DC is competing for the Olympics with three other American cities, as well as the entire World. Even if we were to get one, the other, or both, neither would come for another decade.

So the question that needs to be answered for our neighborhood is: over the next ten years, what does the District plan to do with these acres of decaying parking lots and a crumbling stadium that is soon to be all but abandoned?