Homeless People Living in Kingman Park

The Kingman Park Community is experiencing an influx of Homeless People living in our community.

1. Older Black Gentle Man in a White Chevy 4 door car with DC Tags

2. Mid-Age White Woman in a Black/Greenish 4 door Truck with Vermont Tags

3. Mid-Age White Man that put up a tent every night on Oklahoma Ave (beteew Benning Road and Soccer Field) and in the morning he takes the tent down and heads to work.


I have chatted with all of them and they have refused help. I called the hypothermia van and they refused assistants from DC Govt.MPD and DC Govt. official has been contacted about these situations. This is a city wide issue.

If you see homeless people in Kingman Park,  contact shelter hotlines to request help homeless persons and on the street now, providers and the public may contact the Shelter Hotline at:

• 1-800-535-7252

• 202-399-7093

• 311 or 211

If anyone have any suggestions, please let me know.


Lisa White, ANC Commissioner-Kingman Park

State of the District Address: March 3, 2014@7pm

Mayor Vincent C. Gray to Deliver 2014 State of the District Address March 3 at Kelly Miller Middle School in Ward 7

WHAT/WHO:  Mayor Vincent C. Gray will deliver the 2014 State of the District Address, where he will report on the status of the city and outline his agenda and priorities for the coming year.

WHEN:  7:00 pm
             Monday, March 3, 2014

WHERE:  Kelly Miller Middle School
               301 49th Street NE
               (Metro: Benning Road Station)

BACKGROUND:  Under the leadership of 2013 DC Public Schools (DCPS) Principal of the Year Abdullah Zaki, student achievement, enrollment and the culture and climate of Kelly Miller Middle School have dramatically improved. Students’ proficiency rates at the school have jumped up by double digits, and truancy and suspension rates have decreased significantly. Kelly Miller is an example of the tremendous gains that are being made by DCPS students at schools across the city.

Becoming What We Can Be: Stories of Community Development in Washington, DC

Becoming What We Can Be: Stories of Community Development in Washington, DC, which was written by Tony Proscio, and found that the stories were indeed relevant to Kingman Park and surrounging communities interests. The book concerns changes made all over DC over the last 50 years.  

One element that is entirely overlooked was the Hechinger Mall at the intersection of Bladensburg and Benning Roads, 15th Street and Maryland Avenue. Fortunately, Proscio fills in knowledge of this development.

The mall was built in 1981 by the Hechinger corporation after their initial attempts to convince other operators to take over their hardware store and warehouse and turn it into a mall failed. While the Hechinger people had solid economic data indicating that this was not only a good place for a supermarket, but also other stores, mall operators saw only the aftermath of the riots and would not be persuaded.

The Hechingers, led by John Hechinger Sr, decided to forge ahead on their own. With Safeway and Peoples Drug as anchor tenants (both of which understood the issues facing them in a neighborhood such as this), they built a new mall, filling the rest of the storefronts with small, local businesses. Getting money for this project was not easy, as most traditional sources of money saw the same issues that mall operators had seen. Only a DC grant allowed the Hechingers to proceed.

The mall opened in 1981 and has become a neighborhood institution, drawing in more national chains to the property. It has, as Proscio points out, “outlived even the Hechinger Company itself.” And with the main draw of H Street being its exciting new bars, restaurants, and venues, it is easy to overlook this important piece of history.

For all you history buffs and lovers of Washington, DC ….this is an interesting read!

DC Snow Team Deploys

Little accumulation expected in the District; focus will be on elevated structures.
(Washington, DC)  The DC Snow Team (Department of Public Works and the District Department of Transportation) will deploy 45 plows beginning at midnight tonight to focus on elevated structures and bridges, including I295 and its ramps, Potomac River and Anacostia River crossings, and other bridges.  While no more than one-half inch of snow is predicted to accumulate on grassy surfaces, elevated structures freeze more quickly and slush can form when the temperature dips overnight.
The weather forecast is for 1 to 2 inches of rain mixing with wet snow after midnight, followed by one to two hours of wet snow after 1 am.  The temperature at midnight is expected to be 41F and may drop to a low of 32-35F by 7 am Thursday.
The Snow Team will monitor the weather throughout the next 24 hours and make whatever changes to its deployment are necessary.

Commission on Black Men & Boys Roundtable Tonight

 Commission on Black Men & Boys, in conjunction with Congresswoman Norton:


 Project Graduation

 First Steps to Success for Young Black Men in the District of Columbia Conquering High Dropout Rates

Roundtable discussion to hear personal success stories on how it can be done and to hear from you, the community

 One Judiciary Square, 441 4th St. NW, Old Council Chambers @ Judiciary Square Metro

  Tuesday, November 15, 2011, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

 FOR INFO: Visit www.facebook.com/congresswomannorton


 Call (202) 783-5065



Executive Office of the Mayor Office of Communications



Department of Employment Services Assists in Pre-Screening Applicants (WASHINGTON, D.C.)

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) today began testing 26 applicants for bus driver positions at the District’s Department of Employment Services (DOES) headquarters offices. Mayor Vincent C. Gray said this is the type of collaboration that is needed between D.C. government and local businesses to jump-start the city’s efforts to put more residents back to work under his:

One City ● One Hire initiative. “This is what it is all about,” said Mayor Gray. “WMATA needs bus drivers, and DOES identified individuals with experience and others who could be trained to do the job. DOES screened the applicants and provided their information to WMATA. The company’s executives and HR representatives are here today to test the candidates. The individuals who pass the examination will be a step closer to landing a job with WMATA. DOES is prepared to replicate this process with as many businesses as possible if it helps put people in the District back to work.”

One City ● One Hire has helped 335 D.C. residents find jobs since the initiative was announced in early September. So far, 172 businesses have enlisted as partners under the program.

 One City ● One Hire partner businesses include 7-Eleven, Ross Dress for Less, Safeway, Rite Aid, and Securitas. They have used DOES to notify job seekers about available positions and pre-screen the applicants. “We want and need more businesses to step up and work with us,” said Mayor Gray.

“Reports show that there are at least 50,000 jobs available in D.C. We want more of those jobs to go to District residents.”

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