Historical Map of Rosedale/Isherwood — Before Kingman Park

A map of the Rosedale/Isherwood, and Kingman Park neighborhoods from 1903 — before our neighborhood really existed — was recently posted by David Holmes, Commissioner, ANC 6A03. Our neighborhood was not developed until the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s by Charles Douglas Sager.

For a more detailed, but very clunky version of the big map, please click here.

The map is bordered on the North by “Bennings Road,” on the South by C Street, on the West by 16th (I think), and on the East by approximately 25th Place, though 21st is the easternmost road in existence by that time, and only partially existed. I also attached a detail from a map I own from 1905 of the entire District.

Mr. Holmes wrote the following:

Note the ice house (west side), the Car Barn (northwest corner), the public schools on 15th and 19th, Cool Spring Road (east side), and the huge florist buildings on “Bennings” Road.
The map is mostly projected lots with no constructed buildings.  Those shown in red are brick; those in yellow are wood. Stables are shown with an X. Some structures on the west side predate the planned development and sit across the streets and plats.
David Holmes
Commissioner, ANC 6A03

RCA Needs Volunteers To Plant Bulbs at Rosedale Rec

The Rosedale Citizens’ Alliance CDC needs your help to plant bulbs at Rosedale Rec this Saturday.   See below for information from RCA CDC Board Member Nikki Bowens:

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!!The RCA has recently been awarded by the Capital Hill Garden Club (assortments of Crocus and Narcissus large bulbs) for the beautification project for the Rosedale Recreation Center.  As “Friends Of” this is part of our commitment to the program.

We are in need of volunteers for about an (1-1/2) Hour-half on Saturday morning 10:00am – 11:30am.  We are asking you to bring your tools.

Bulb Dibber, Short- or Long-Handled Bulb Planter, or Shovel. 

We have latex gloves and water.  Please respond to this email (“Necothia Bowens” <RosedaleDC@gmail.com>,) if you are available.  Really need your help.

Look forward to seeing you all soon.

Haunted Garden Halloween Party and Meet and Greet 10/28 4-6PM

The KPR Garden, along with KPR Families, and the Friends of Kingman Park, will be hosting a Haunted Garden Halloween Party and Meet and Greet on Sunday, October 28, 2012 from 4-6PM. Both Candidates for ANC 7D01 will be invited, as well as other DC officials. But more importantly, there will be candy and fun for the neighborhood’s kids!

But we need your contributions to make this event a success! So please contact Lisa White or me, bob.coomber@gmail.com, if you would like to contribute decorations, candy, or your time.

The KPR Garden is located on an interior block among the alleys of 20th, 21st, D, and E Streets NE. The Garden would not be possible without the generous support of Councilmember Wells, Councilmember Alexander, Mayor Gray, Washington Parks and People, and the Capitol Hill Community Foundation. We are extremely grateful for their contributions and other means of support.  The KPR Garden is fiscally sponsored by the Rosedale Citizens’ Alliance Community Development Corporation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

We hope to see you there!

Final 17th And 19th Streets Public Meeting

Government of the District of Columbia
Department of Transportation
 DDOT to Host Fourth and Final Public Meeting to Review Recommended Street Safety Improvement Solutions for 17th And 19th Streets
For more information about these meetings or safety improvement initiative please contact the project manager Mr. Errol Williams at 202-347-1446 orerrol.williams@mckissackdc.com.
What:                  PublicMeeting for the 17th and 19th Streets Safety Improvement Project
 When:                 Wednesday, September 26, 2012
                              6 p.m. –7:30 p.m.
 Where:                FriendshipPublicCharterSchool
                              Blow Pierce Campus
                              700 19th Street, NE

Rosedale Rec Opening

On Friday, May 25, 2012 Mayor Gray, DPR Director Jesús Aguirre, DGS Interim Director Brian Hanlon, and other Rosedale Community Leaders opened Rosedale Rec Center.

From Left to Right — Council Chair Kwame Brown, RCA President Necothia Bowens, DGS Interim Director Brian Hanlon, and Mayor Vincent Gray

DPR Director Jesús Aguirre

Rosedale Rec Site Manager Brian Williams and Staff

RCA President Necothia Bowens

ANC 6A07 Gladys Mack

Rosedale Youth Institute President Clinton Sharp

Rosdale Grassroots’ Sondra Gilbert

The Ribbon Cutting

The pool is already open, and looks pretty spectacular:

Baby Pool

Though there are a few kinks to work out (the baby pool was closed for some reason) it should be a great place to cool off during a hot summer.

The main building is not open to the public yet, but it looks great.  There’s a beautiful lobby:

A great indoor basketball court:

A game room:

A turf field:

Several multi-purpose rooms:

And the library, which is still under construction:

These instructions are a couple years old, but I believe they are still relevant.  If you are interested starting or assisting in RRC recreational programming, here are the necessary steps:

1. Contact RRC Site Manger, Mr. Brian Williams, 202-213-5649 or Brian.Williams@dc.gov, to discuss the type of community programming you would like to offer or assist.

2. Go online to apply to become a DPR Volunteers in Action 

3. You then wait for approval from Site Manager a DPR Volunteer Coordinator and then you can start your program and become part of one of America’s great legacies – Volunteerism!

Special thanks to Brit and Dana Wyckoff for their tireless efforts, to Rick Uzes and Patrick Jordan for organizing early meetings at the center and helping to bring public awareness to the need, and to Necothia Bowens for her continuing advocacy for a well-run recreation center in our community.

Rosedale Recreation Ribbon Cutting: Fri. May 25, 2012@ 11:30am

On Friday, May 25th at 11:30am, Mayor Vincent Gray will cut the ribbon on the Rosedale Recreation Center and the Rosedale Pool. Each year a DPR location is chosen to signify the beginning of the outdoor pool season and this year it’s the brand new Rosedale Pool. At some point in the very near future we hope to dedicate the field to Ms. Mamie “Peanut” Johnson, a baseball legend in the Rosedale community. Please come out to the ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday and spread the word to neighbors and friends. Thank you.