Global Rally Cross Car Race Behind DC General June 21-22 2014


Events DC plans to hold a Global Rally Cross Car Race in the lot behind DC General. A poll is posted below to determine the neighborhood’s interest in such a race. An email from Events DC’s Executive Vice President and Managing Director about the proposed race is pasted below. DC Events also provide this presentation: DC GRC Event Overview FOR E-MAIL 4-1-14. Be sure to attend the meeting at 7pm on 4/14 in the Media Room at RFK if you want your voice heard by Events DC on this issue.

Good morning RFK Community Stakeholders,

 This email includes an overview presentation (in PDF format) for the 2014 Red Bull Global Rallycross (“GRC”) event planned for the RFK Campus in late June 2014.  This is a new event that we believe will be a great addition to our annual list of events and will be attractive to residents and visitors alike.  It is my sincere hope that after you have had an opportunity to review the presentation carefully and visit the GRC website, you will agree. (

 Our regularly scheduled community meeting will occur on Monday, April 14 at 7 pm in the Media Room at RFK.  I encourage you all to attend and to encourage any of your constituents that have questions or concerns regarding this event to attend as well.  A representative of GRC will be on hand to provide more information about the event as well as to answer any questions you may have.   If there are specific questions that you want addressed at the meeting, please send them to me and Theresa Dubois by close of business on Friday, April 11th, so that we can share them with the GRC rep so as to ensure their ability to answer your questions at the meeting.

 Thanks in advance,


Found Dog

A small white dog was found this morning along Benning Rd NE at 25th St in the parking lot of 7-11. If you know the owner or this is your dog, please call 240-464-8341.


Orange Hat Patrol: Thursday, Mar. 27, 2014@7pm

Orange Hat Photo
Hi Neighbors, it’s time to dust off your orange hats and come join in some fun! We will kicking off our Orange Hat Patrol (OHP) neighborhood walks beginning on March and continuing on the last Thursday of each month through October.
Our meeting time/point will be 7 pm at the triangle park just across from the Saint Benedict the Moor Catholic Church and School on 21st St NE and Oklahoma Ave NE.

For your planning purposes, OHP walks will be on the last Thursday of each month (Mar – October). 27 Mar, 24 Apr, 29 May, 26 Jun, 31 Jul, 28 Aug, 25 Sep & 30 Oct. Bring yourself, bring your family and/or bring your dogs…great weather, great fun and great exercise!
Being a part of OHP is a great opportunity to get out and meet your neighbors/local patrol officers and also sends a big signal that “We Care” about our neighborhood.

FOKP Orange Hat Patrol Mission: Educate the community on neighborhood safety and security, reduce criminal activity, and help provide a safer place to live…”We Care!”

- Discourages Criminals
In some cases, the presence of a Neighborhood Watch in a community is enough to deter potential burglars from stealing from nearby homes. Most burglars take advantage of opportunities where they are able to act undetected. By having a watch program, a burglar will have less of a chance of being able to steal from a home without getting caught.
- Protects Your Home
Besides helping to monitor your neighborhood for burglars, you are also helping to increase the security level of your own home. It’s a proven fact that a Neighborhood Watch program helps to lower crime rates in a community, which subsequently decreases the chance that your own home will be the target for a criminal.

- Get to Know Your Community
Being a part of a Neighborhood Watch program is a great way to become better acquainted with the members of your community. By knowing the people in your neighborhood, there is a better chance that they will go out of their way to help monitor your home’s security.

- Aids Your Local Police Force
Having a Neighborhood Watch program in a residential area helps to take some of the surveillance burden off of the local police force. Because of this, it also helps to increase the ability of the police to quickly respond to crimes. In most cases, a police officer will volunteer to attend local Neighborhood Watch meetings, in order to provide helpful information about how to protect your community from criminals.

As always, please contact me at if you have questions or would like additional information.
Kevin Stephens(202) 341-9466

Mosquito Squad Discount for Kingman Park via the KPR Garden

Dread Skeeter, the mosquito eliminator

If you have too many mosquitoes in your yard (a common problem in Kingman Park), our household has found Mosquito Squad to be very effective. They charge about $430 per season, but if five people “in a neighborhood” order their services, everyone gets $100 off. So if you live near the Kingman Park Rosedale Garden, explain that you want the “Kingman Park Rosedale Garden” or the “Rosedale Citizens’ Alliance Garden” discount, and it and it will go towards us all qualifying for a discount.

They have two versions of their spray. One is a regular poison, and the other is garlic-based (what we are getting for the Garden). The garlic version is more expensive and less effective. If you were wondering, the Coomber house gets the poisonous, cheaper, effective treatment.

Their website is here:

Their number is (571) 830 – 8002.

Traffic Advisory: Rock N Roll USA Marathon- Kingman Park Community: Please Plan Accordingly!

Traffic Advisory: Rock N Roll USA Marathon


Weekend Street Closings: for the 2014 Annual Rock N Roll USA Marathon and Half Marathon

The Metropolitan Police Department wishes to advise the public that the 2014 Rock N Roll USA Marathon and Half Marathon are scheduled to be held on Saturday, March 15, 2014. In order to facilitate this event there will be no vehicular traffic allowed along the routes of the races. However, there will be bump routes to allow vehicles to cross when runners are not present.

The races are scheduled to begin at approximately 7:25 am; however some street closures will begin as early as 12:00 am. All streets affected by this event are expected to be reopened at approximately 2:00 pm, depending on prevailing conditions. Motorists should expect delays during the races.  Individuals who have issues to be resolved or questions regarding traffic access during the races should call (202) 727-9099.

The marathons will form at Constitution Avenue, NW, just east of 14th Street, NW. The route of the marathon is as follows:

·         Start on Constitution Avenue, NW just east on 14th Street, NW

·         Right on Virginia Avenue, NW

·         Right on 18th Street, NW

·         Left on E Street, NW

·         Left on Virginia Avenue, NW

·         Right on 19th Street, NW

·         Right on Constitution Avenue, NW

·         Left on 23rd Street, NW

·         Enter Memorial Circle

·         Exit Memorial Circle

·         Arlington Memorial Bridge

·         Left on Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway

·         Merge left on Shoreham Drive, NW

·         Right on Harvard Street, NW

·         Right on 5th Street, NW

·         Merge onto 4th Street, NE

·         Left of Bryant Street, NW

·         Right on North Capitol Street, NW

·         Left on K Street, NE

·         Right on 4th Street, NE

·         Left on H Street, NE

·         Right on 13th Street, NE

·         Left on Constitution Avenue, NE


Full Marathon/Half Marathon Split 


Half Marathon Turns ONLY


·         Left on North Capitol Avenue, NE

·         Merge onto C Street, NE

·         Merge right onto 22nd Street, NE

·         Right on East Capitol Street, NE






·         Right on 14th Street, NE

·         Right on North Carolina Avenue, NE

·         Left on 13th Street, SE

·         Right on East Capitol Street, SE

·         Right on 11th Street, NE

·         Left on East Capitol Street, NE

·         Right on 2nd Street, NE

·         Left on Constitution Avenue, NE

·         Merge right on Constitution Avenue, NW

·         Merge left on Constitution Avenue, NW

·         Left on 9th Street, NW

·         Right on L’Enfant Plaza

·         U-Turn on L’Enfant Plaza (in front of USPS)

·         Right on 9th Street, SW

·         Left on Maine Avenue, SW

·         Right on 6th Street, SW

·         Left on Water Street, SW

·         Merge onto the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail

·         Merge onto P Street, SW

·         Right on 2nd Street, SW

·         Left on V Street, SW

·         Left on First Street, SW

·         Right on Potomac Avenue, SW

·         Left on South Capitol Street, SW

·         U-Turn on South Capitol Street, SW

·         Cross the Frederick Douglas Bridge

·         Left onto South Capitol Street, SE

·         Left on Douglass Bridge access road

·         Right on Anacostia Drive, SE

·         Full loop around Anacostia Park skating Pavilion on Anacostia Drive, SE

·         Left on Nicholson Street, SE

·         Left on Fairlawn Avenue, SE

·         Right on Pennsylvania Avenue, SE

·         Left on L’Enfant Square, SE

·         Left on Minnesota Avenue, SE

·         Right on East Capitol Street, SE on ramp

·         Right on East Capitol Street, SE

·         Merge left onto C Street, SE

·         Merge left and enter in to lot 7 of RFK Stadium




Bump Routes are as follows:


§  6th and East Capitol Street, NE

§  8th and East Capitol Street, NE

§  4th and East Capitol Street, NE

§  10th and East Capitol Street, NE

§  8th and H Streets, NE

§  15th and North Carolina Avenue, NE

§  17th and C Streets, NE


Lavagna DC Raised over $450 for the KPR Garden!

Last October Lavagna DC agreed to donate a portion of their proceeds to the KPR Garden while cooking food that was grown from the Garden. Dinner that night was delicious, and profitable! Lavagna was generous enough to donate $460.75 to the KPR Garden!

Many thanks to Stephen Cheung of Lavagna, as well as Gardeners Brian Feintech and Andrew Holod for arranging the evening. $460 will help us grow and improve the Garden, and hold some fun events for neighborhood kids!

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